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Emerald crystal clear waters and endless miles of sandy beaches with cosmopolitan beaches and erotic creeks awaken all your senses.

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In the area of Sithonia you will have the chance to admire enchanting landscapes, picturesque harbors, golden beaches, lonely coves, lush meadows and forests.

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The port of Polygyros, Gerakini, praised by the great Greek poet, Nikos Kavvadias, who visited her at a bar, awaits you mainly for family holidays.

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Psakoudia are famous for their intense nightlife. The sea will enjoy it not only by making your dives, but also by having fun doing windsurfing, skiing and many other sports.

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Kalyves has a huge sandy beach that extends across the bay that is formed between the first and second legs while gradually expanding. Ideal for young children as well.

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It is a vast beach that can be visited all the way, from Potidea to the river of Vatonia or even to Kalyves if you know the area. It is a village with 1342 inhabitants and there are beach bars along the beach.

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Nikiti puts the visitor in a dilemma. Mountain or sea? Whatever you choose will leave you just as pleasant memories. It is famous for its natural beauty and its enchanting beaches.

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For those wishing to admire the monasteries of Mount Athos, even from a distance, there are daily boats that make the round of the Athos peninsula, offering a special cruise.

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Visit the Cave, an artificial tunnel of about 100 meters, with the internal temperature staying stable around 17 degrees Celsius winter - summer. Admission to the public is permitted daily and all public holidays,. 

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The most important historic site of Chalkidiki, ancient Stagira, is next to the current Olympics. Touring is a real treat. You will need at least 2 to 3 hours.

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An all-day cruise to Athos is an amazing idea to feel the grandeur of Christianity close. Daily cruises from Ormos Panagias and Ouranoupoli.

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In a great location, lies the Aristotle's Park. It is worth visiting to see the interesting instruments and enjoy the wonderful view of the bay of Ierissos.

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